ITI Sabrakone
golden jubilee


Land, Building, Workshop etc. :

Sl. No. Details of Land, Building, Workshop and others  Areas Remarks (Link to scanned document / image)
a Total Area of the Land (12.08 acre) 48886.25 Land is under Technical Education & Training Deptt., Govt of W.B.
b Total Covered Area 2982.5 sq. mtr Main building, Workshop and Hostel
b(i) In Main Building : Total covered area 798.69  
  Total  Class Rooms Area 535.24 sq. mtr All class rooms with Lab (Phy & Chem) in 1st floor of the Main bldg.
  Drawing Hall 159.78 sq. mtr  
  Audio Visual Hall Stated in Drg.Hall  
  Computer Lab 44.46 sq. mtr  
  Library /Reading Room 43.12 sq. mtr  
  Students’ Common Room 67.76  
  Female Common Room 46.20  
b(ii) In  Workshop :Total  covered Area    
  Total Workshop area 941.94 sq. mtr  
  CNC Lab 64.97 sq. mtr  
b(iii) In Hostel Building : Total covered area 1376.41  
c Play ground Area (1.66 acre)  
d For Newly constructed RIDF Two storied  Building: Covered area    
  Total  Class Rooms Area 362.66 sq. mtr 6 class rooms having each area
60 (apprx)
  Total Workshops Area 611.87 sq. mtr 6 Workshop having each area
102 (apprx)

Existing Trade Specific & Additional Class Room and Workshop details :

Trade Unit Class Room reqd.
as per norms
for 2 Units in one shift
Class rooms available
with area
Workshop reqd.
as per norms
for 1 unit in one shift
Workshop available
with area
(Photograph etc. In link)
Electrician 1+1+1 32 93.02 97.60 198.94 For existing Elect.Trade
Fitter 1+1+1 32 93.02 88.00 105.32 For existing Fitter Trade
Turner 1 32 72.30 108.00 255.43 For existing Turner Trade
    47   209.15 To be used for New Trade
      45.5   105.91 Kept for allied trade
      6 class rooms each are 60 (apprx)   6 W.Shop   each are102 (apprx) To be used for New Trade

Electric Power Supply :

Present Electric Load 37.99  KW Remarks (Hyperlink to document proof)
Date of Connection 12/01/1994 Earlier the Institute was named as Jr. Tech School;
but  as per State Govt. Orders the Institute first renamed
as Sabrakone ITC and after that as ITI Sabrakone
Connection in the name of Jr. Tech School Sabrakone
Transformer Capacity 63 K.V.A.  

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The Institute was established in 1965 in the name of Junior Technical School, Sabrakone (Govt. Sponsored) under the supervision of the Chief Inspector, Technical Education, Govt. of West Bengal. The students of Jr.Tech. School, received Jr.Dip. In Engg. Exam.Certificates from the State Council for Engg. & Tech. more